Unbreakable LED Bulb 0.5 Watt (30 Lumens)

  • Lumens(Im): 30
  • Diffuser: Toughened, Polycarbonate
  • Colours Available: White, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Flourscent Green
Model No. MEE-AL-0.5W
Input Power 0.5W
Input Voltage AC 70V-300V, 50HZ
Total Lumens(Im) 30
Lumens/watt 60
Colour Temp.
Operating Temp. -10° to 50°C
Surge Protection Upto 3kV
Power Faction Upto 0.95
Dimension(in.) 1.2×2.6
Beam Angle 270°
Base B22
CRI ≥80
Diffuser Toughened, Polycarbonate
Housing Aluminium with Thermal Plastic Coating


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